Sunday, December 31, 2006

Merry Christmas!

We hope all is well for you this Christmas. We are blessed this year.
My parents came for a visit over Christmas and it was great having them...
and not having to travel ourselves! Here are a few shots of the fun.
Ella didn't really "get it" but had fun chewing on the toys and eating the paper.

Uncle Stephen was a popular playmate.
Yes, Jonathan has finally made it onto the blog!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

First Haircut

Abby got her first haircut today.
Her hair has taken forever to grow, and
I've been afraid to cut it for fear of her looking like a boy.

Cookie Marathon

Laurie and I had a Christmas cookie marathon on Friday night.
Yep, more cooking than she's ever done before!
About 25 dozen cookies later, the kids had a great time decorating.
Anna, Katelyn and Ava trying to recycle the sprinkles
I guess they call sprinkles "hundreds and thousands" in Australia
because that's how many kids can fit on each cookie.
Abby and Ava rolling the snickerdoodles in red and green sugar
(No, they aren't wearing smocks, they had been playing dress-up.)

Abby got into the food coloring

Ava and Abby putting on the red hots

Mixing the butterscotch haystacks

Abby and Anna mounding haystacks

Katelyn making haymountains

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sweet Girls

Abby has been up to her usual antics and Ella loves to rough Abby up.
She will pull her hair and growl at her and then laugh.
Life is never dull.