Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mommy's little cook

Ella loves to act like all the big people.
Whatever Abby is doing (or, in particular) is what Ella wants.
Here are some shots of her in the kitchen.
Ella playing with Flubber

Ella rolling cookies in the cinnamon sugar.


Angela said...

Hey, It's Angela :)
Mary Lou gave me the link to your page, Such great pictures!
Things are happening up here. Waiting for a call on a job today. Film project is taking up more time as we get closer to the shoots. Just had Mom and Dad for a vist. Nice together time and great cooking. We are some food loving family, Huh?
Hugs and hellos to the whole household, I hope we can get together for a family party some time this spring.
Take care, lots of Love,

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